Our Services

Our years of experience and exceptional craftsmanship radiates from each project that we have ever completed, as we will always respect your home and bring out the best of it.


Bathroom Renovations

Our experienced team will ensure that they help you bring your vision to life and create a bathroom that not only compliments your home and your style, but is also high on functionality and quality. The overall outcome will ensure that you have a sanctuary that is not only beautiful but also adds value to your home.

Kitchen Renovations

As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where family and friends gather and where many memories are created. We at Novastri want to ensure that you will always feel the warmth and beauty of your kitchen by making it stylish in its design and smart in its functionality.

Outdoor Renovations – Landscaping

Our team is not only renowned for their stunning indoor renovations, but are also highly experienced in outdoor design and landscaping. We will ensure that we design and implement the project with finesse and ease, so that you can enjoy your outdoor sanctuary with your family and friends knowing that you have the best of style and function.

Our outdoor renovations and landscaping include:

  • Paving and concreting
  • Decking and seating
  • Masonry and brickwork
  • Excavation and earthworks
  • Pool installation and plumbing
  • Water leak balcony repair

Home Renovations In Melbourne

Novastri is a full team of talented and dedicated professionals with over 28 years experience in building and renovation. Our experts perform all work to the highest standards, always consulting with you throughout the process to ensure all your requirements are met. To achieve the best results in your renovation project demands workmanship and professionalism from industry leaders like Novastri. Looking to refresh, remodel or renovate your home in Melbourne? We are ready to chat about:

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